Actiondays/ walk in the woods

Food» Hands off the trees » days of action and a more interesting event in the forest because: The forest educator Michael Zobel ( Aachen ) Loads for post-Christmas walk in the woods on Sunday 28.09 in Hambach forest at 12 clock.

Walk: 28.09.2014 at 12 0´clock
Actiondays. 30.12-01.01.2015 : 27.02-01.03 : 27.03.-29.03

Hands off the trees! — Mobilization Flyer / A5, black & white
Hands off Trees Flyer

Films from the start of the «hands off the trees» actions / skillsharing camp october 2014 films-skillsharing-camp-10-2014

Actiondays/ walk in the woods

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