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DIY or dieAquisgrán, 01 de julio 2016 – El proceso contra Basti se ha finido hoy, después de varias horas de audiencia. Renunció a la compensación por haber sido inocentemente en custodia por aproximadamente un mes. Él es libre ahora, sin condiciones.
Mucha gente estuvieron presentes para apoyar Basti, sin embargo, la presencia de la policía y de seguridad del estado en la corte era mucho más numerosa. Dos puertas de seguridad, junto con controles de identidad causaron retrasos en el inicio del juicio. No hubo incidentes.
The hearing took place similar to the first day of the first trial. There were two invited witnesses, both then working for RWE as security agents. Both witnesses had seen something, but could not confirm whether it in fact was Basti who struck the security guard, which led to the first instance sentencing. Both pretended that they heard this from the other one. Ultimately, the second witness testified to have seen that a stick had been raised. He later learned that his colleague allegedly was beaten and then guessed, that this was what he claims to have seen. “A knallzeuge”, the judge, prosecutor and defender evaluated unanimously in the final talk. In legal terminology a knallzeuge (bang witness) is somebody who e.g. only heard the bang and then believes to be an eye witness.
The first witness (who had stated to have been injured) had seen Basti with a stick in front of him. However, he then got (from the other side) pepper spray in his eyes, after which he had to close them for several minutes. In this time he got the blow, he testified. The inquiring prosecutor noticed, that he impossibly could make any observation whatsoever.
There were numerous other inconsistencies that were more than clear already on the first day. It probably will remain a secret of that judge, why the trial at first instance ended in a conviction. Final word of the second witness: “In fact nothing happened at all, nobody was hurt, except for the pepper spray I do not understand why they made such a big thing out of it.” Almost nothing more is to be added. With this incident, however, started a long series of repressions against activists of the Hambach Forest. For Basti 20 months of repression in this matter are over now.

What happened before

On March 08, 2016, after the proceeding in march, was spoken a sentence against Basti by the lower district court of Düren: One year jail was imposed on three years of probation.
He had been in custody for about one month.

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