De nuevo policía en el bosque

Continuación de 19/3: Desalojo de barricadas en el Bosque
8:24 Grandes acciones policiales en el bosque, aparentemente demolición de barricadas, algunos caminos forestales están actualmente bloqueadas por cordones de la policía.
9:00 Policía en la estación de tren de Buir.
9:30 Los caminos forestales hacia Lorien están despejados. Trípode al punto de Jesús está eliminado. Actualmente están despejando entre North y Deathtrap.
10:00 Policías a la vista de la torre de Gallien. Varios «Wannen» (= camionetas de policía) en Lorien. Más

Desalojo de barricadas en el Bosque

3/20: 2 of the 3 persons arrested in the forest yesterday and the person arrested near Buir are still imprisoned. One person gave the identity and is free.

On early Monday morning, cops arrived close to the forest to evict Goblin town, a tunnel dug close to the one of the entrances of the forest.
7:11 cops have run after activists into the forest in the direction of Oaktown.
7:20 Cops at the entrance of Oaktown.
7:45 2 persons have been arrested near Oaktown.
8:08 Goblintown is filled with concrete.
8:12 About 150 cops near Goblintown and Oaktown
8:40 In all, 3 persons have been arrested
9:16 Eviction between Jesus point and North
9:27 Come for support to Gesa (in the police HQ), Aachen.
11:40 Police leave the forest. Police now at Buir Station.

Conclusion: A fourth person was arrested at the Buir motorway bridge, allegedly found in pyrotechnics. For all four, there will be the judge’s report tomorrow (time will be announced). Responsible is Kerpen again.
Update: Continuation on 03/21/2018 Police in the Forest again

Thread sobre el juicio de hoy contra #hambi4

The order of the tweets is chronological: the oldest ones are on top because that’s what happened when copying from Twitter, but also because today’s events are complete. The last ones (see below) are:
19:25 Departure of U2 with the police sirens waling.
19:30 Everyone goes home – except for UP2.

We wish the «unknown person 2» all the best and hope to see them soon in freedom and in the #HambacherForst again.
#FreeHambi4 #politicalprisoners #EndCoal #ClimateJustice
Press: KStA (in German)
See also Hambi4 Trial on March 15 on this blog. Más