Jus que se encontraba en prisión desde el 26 de junio, después el desalojo de la barricada de torre, fue puesto en libertad en libertad el 2 de octubre.

3 de septiembre
La apelación contra la detención fue rechazada… Jus tiene que permanecer en la cárcel. El recurso contra la detención fue rechazado… Jus debe permanecer en prisión. Ahora es previsto para 2 de octubre. más (inglés)

August 22th
good news from Jus. He is still alive, cause he stopped his hunger-strike last week, and hes in good mood. His friend got news on thursday.She will see him next week. Our lawyer wishes to see him out soon, but we are not sure about this. More information can be found here(English) or here (German). The german infos might be more up to date, cause we don’t have enough help for translation. Sorry 🙂

more info in german

August 29th

Jus stopped his hunger strike after 3 weeks of imprisonment without any contact to neither his lawyer nor any supporting person.
Send him tons of supporting letters to

Dariusz (Jus) Brzeski 3236156
JVA Köln
Rochusstr. 350
50827 Köln

You can write in English or in Polish (or both), as you like.
Please notice that books or newspapers are not allowed to be sent, whereas single pages from books or newspapers are allowed.
He will see his girlfriend for the second time after six weeks of imprisonment on monday, 31st of August (normally its allowed to have one visit per week).
She’ll send us more information about Jus after the visit.
Please spread this news to supporting people all over the world. Thank you!

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